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About the Conference

We are pleased to invite you to attend the International Conference on Public Health and Preventive Medicine is set to convene in Barcelona, Spain from August 22-23, 2024. This dynamic event welcomes professionals, policymakers, and researchers to explore cutting-edge solutions for public health challenges. Engage with renowned speakers in plenary sessions and interactive panels, gain practical skills in workshops, and present your research in poster sessions. Networking events, cultural excursions, and an industry exhibition provide ample opportunities for collaboration. Join us in Barcelona to contribute to the advancement of public health worldwide.

The theme of the conference is Advancing Global Wellness Through Prevention

Exchange ideas and network with leading healthcare experts, epidemiologists, researchers, clinicians, public health professionals, and researchers from more than 40 countries. Discuss implementing quality initiatives in place throughout the Epidemiology and Public health study.

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Our Sessions / Topics


  •   Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases
  •   Chronic diseases
  •   Primary Health Care
  •   Mental health
  •   Maternal and child health
  •   Public Health Toxicology
  •   Health promotion and disease prevention
  •   Global health
  •   Immunizations and Vaccines
  •   Cancer prevention
  •   Cardiovascular disease prevention
  •   Screening
  •   Occupational health
  •   Genetics and genomics
  •   Vaccinations
  •   Primary prevention strategies
  •   Sexual and Reproductive Health
  •   Infectious disease prevention
  •   Injury prevention
  •   Public health policies
  •   Health promotion in specific populations
  •   Chronic disease management
  •   Mental health promotion
  •   Occupational health and safety
  •   Community-based interventions
  •   Health education and awareness
  •   Population health
  •   Public Health Nutrition
  •   Biostatistics
  •   Disease prevention
  •   Healthcare
  •   Emergency Management
  •   Community health
  •   Lifestyle interventions
  •   Health disparities
  •   Pandemic preparedness
  •   Disease control
  •   Public Health and Nursing
  •   Health research
  •   Health promotion strategies
  •   Pharmacogenomics and Drug Safety
  •   Obesity
  •   Family Planning
  •   Dental Health
  •   Pharmaceutical services

Our Speakers

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